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Religious Education

Ts usual, observance of religious rites is strictly enforced in the Institution and the boys and girls are taught the principles of Islam and its rudiments. For this purpose we have engaged a highly qualified Atim who is also Hafez-i-Quran. He gives talks on various aspects of religion.The boys and male members of the residential staff offer daily prayers in congregration in the Gore-i-shahid Mosque within the orphanage compound

Physical Education

The physical education of the Orphans is also properly looked after. The Scout Master and the Teacher-in-charge of Physical Education took special care and arrange, as usual, regular games and sports activities.

Our Scout Troupe and Cub Pack continued to be the best under the local Association.

Of 300 inmates. Kitchen, Dining Hall, Auditorium and High School for Girl’s section and to this effect, the Govt. have already released Tk. 2050 lacs in 1976-77.

The amount has been received by us on 18-5-1977. To provide accommodation to the boy inmates the work ‘Extension of Hazi Raffia building’ has been taken up and the world is in progress.

It this connecting I am to report that 13 shops have been constructed to increase the income of the Orphanage at cost of Tk. 4,60,930,.19 including the surface drain in front of the shopping Centre. The working contractor has been paid in final settlement of all his bills.....

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