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General Education

Most of the inmates are generally educated in the Fariduddin Siddique High School situated in the Orphanage premises. Besides, girls are educated at the orphanage expenses in outside institutions.

During the year under report 26 boys and one girl are appeared at the S.S.C Examination. Out of them , 1 (one) boy passed in the Ist division and 3 boys are were placed in the 3rd division and (one) girl passed in the 2nd division and 4 others were placed in the 3rd division.

The girl orphans are educated up to the primary standard in the orphanage school located within the compound of girls section.

Meritorious girls are sent to the outside schools for Secondary Education. Their number during the year under report was 28. The girls are taught Holy Quran and principles of religion. They also receive, along with primary education, training in sewing, neddle work, cooking and other house hold activities so as to become good wives and competent mothers later in life. They are given away in marriage at the cost of the Orphanage.

Technical Education

The Technical education in the Orphanage consists of Tin-smithy, Tailoring Book-Binding. Qualified staff are maintained by the Orphanage for imparting proper training to the inmates.

During the year under report we received from Govt. as Grant in-aid @ Tk.400/- …….for this section, for which the committee is grateful to the authority concerned. But on account of abnormal rise in the price of raw materials we find it extremely difficult to run the section properly.

The goods turned out by our Technical Department have been highly spoken of by all who used them A charitable institution as the orphanage is, it natural expects support and sympathy from the public.We hope that the generous public will extend to this home of homeless orphans their patronage by placing orders with it. They are requested to kindly visit our Sales Department situated within the Orphanage compound and encourage the orphans by placing order according to their cgoice. A trail, we are sure, will convince them of the goods quality and moderate price of our products.

A vocational training center has been established by the Govt. within the orphanage compound. Qualified instructors are imparting training to the inmates in different sections of the institutions.

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