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During the period under report, establishments remained almost the same as in the previous year, except the appointments against some vacancies caused by dismissal resignation. In consideration of the price hike the amount of allowances have been increased from Tk.65/00 to Tk.90/00 per month from the limited resources of the Orphanage to all the members of the staff.

The Management is very much keen to lessen the hardships of the low paid staff and for this purpose a Lump sum provision has been made in the Budget to revise the pay scales of the staff and to meet the increased expenses.

For the staff welfare a provision has been made under the Head “Employees Gratuity Fund” in the Budget for 1977-78.

The inmates of the Orphanage are of two categories:

1.The Orphans sent by the Asstt. Director of Social Welfare (Orphanages) Bangladesh to a limit of 400 for whom capitation grant at Tk.60/- per head per month is being received from Government.A separate set of staff is maintained for these orphans for whom Tk.3,200/- per month is being paid by the Director of Social Welfare ( Orphanage). It may be mentioned here that the establishment charge paid by the Director of Social Welfare ( Orphanage) for the orphans sent by him is not sufficient to maintain them and the orphanage has to pay about Tk.15,240/- per month from other sources.The Govt. has increased the per capita grant to Tk.100/00 per inmate per month from July/77. It is expected that the grant will be raised further to keep pace with the present high maintenance charges.

2.The orphans sent by the District or Sub-Divisional Officer. At present there are about 33 orphans under this category. But the Government allots us a nominal grant for this orphans. A sum of Tk.15/- only per head per month for 8 months only was received from the Govt. through the Deputy Commissioner, Dacca towards the maintenances of the above mentioned sanctioned strength for the year 1976-77. The deficit was met by the Orphanage from its income from other sources.In view of the abnormal rise in the price-level of all essential commodities we make an earnest appeal to the Govt. to increase this grant also to a reasonable rate.

The total number inmates in the orphanage as it stood on the 30th June.1977 was 447 of whom 33 were General orphans including 12 girls and 329 state Orphans, the number of girls being 85.

The healthand discipline of inmates continued to be satisfactory.There was no outbreak of any epidemic in the Orphanage during the period under review. The inmates are duly inoculated. The part-time Medical Officer of the Orpanage, with a whole-time compounder, attends the sick orphans and render medical aid to them.....

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