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When the Orphanage was shifted to its site at Azimpur in 1918 it had no pucca buildings worth the name.It now comprises of two separate sections one for boys and other for girls.The boys’ sections comprises of for wards: (I) ‘K. Alimullah Ward’ first build in 1918, and expanded in 1923.It has a floor space of 120 feet by 29 feet (2) ‘Sir Ahsanullah Ward’ constructed in 1930, the main block measuring 122 feet by 29 feet and (3) ‘Nawab Habibullah Ward’ on the ground floor of a two storied building in the northern block constructed in 1933, measuring 1933 feet 32 feet and (4) ‘Abdul Ghani Ward’ the first floor of the same two storied building constructed in 1941.There are annexes in the boys section, viz, 9 (i) Kazimuddin Siddiqui Building which houses the Faridduddin Siddiqui High School constructed in 1935, and (ii) “Sir Abbul Halim Ghazanavi Building” constructed in 1941, in addition , there are also extensive Tin shed and pucca building I,e.’Haji Rafi building “for the Technical Department in the Sir John Anderson Extension.This building was constructed by the late Haji Md. Rafi saheb of 144. Mitford Road, Dacca.The entire cost of it was borne by him.Mr. Aftabuddin, the worthy son of late Hazi Rafi Saheb, took up the construction of a 2nd storey over the Hazi Rafi building which was completed.

The Girl’s section has one Ward” constructed in 1930,Begum Asmatun Nessa Ward’ constructed in 1930, and a school building constructed in 1940.The difficulties previously faced by this institution for accommodating the minor orphans to continue with their studies have been removed by Alhaj Abdur Rahman who himself constructed a building consisting of 3 rooms at a cost of Tk.35,000/00.The Zanana section is surrounded by walls for privacy.The specious ground within the walls have been converted into play ground and garden.

The accommodation provided somehow meets present needs but prevents new admission for which there is constant demand.It is very much gratifying to note that the Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare (Labour and social Welfare Division) have accepted and approved the Development Scheme costing x 31.06 Lacs as submitted earlier to the Govt. through the Drector, Social Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh for construction of additional accommodation of 300inmates, Kitchen , Dining Hall, Auditorium and High School for Girl’s section and to this effect, the Govt. have already released Tk.2050 lacs in 1976-77.

The amount has been received by us on 18-5-1977. To provide accommodation to the boy inmates the work ‘Extension of Hazi Rafi building’ has been taken up and the work is in progress,

It may be pointed out here that a further released of Tk.2.25 Lacs by the govt. is expected very shortly.

In this connection I am to report that 13 shops have been constructed to increase the income of the Orphanage at cost of Tk.4,60,930.19 including the surface drain infront of the shopping Centre.The working contractor has been paid in final settlement of all his bills…

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